7842 Center Rd Valley City, OH 44280
LOCAL: (330) 483-3233

About Us

Proudly serving the area for 50 YEARS! We are family owned and operated since 1971. We pride ourselves on using the freshest flowers available, and going the extra mile to personalize your order!

We are unique in that we are also a greenhouse! We make all of our planters to order in our shop with plants we have on hand. Something special we do is a "half & half" basket!
We use plants (indoor and/or outdoor) and fresh flowers in one basket,
and they look like it's all one arrangement! Call us today to see what we have available!

We have 7 Greenhouses! We start all of our veggie & annual plants from seed on site, and transplant them by hand! We have a large selection of perennial and berry plants, herbs, succulents and house plants! Fairy garden plants, miniatures and accessories. Bulk and packaged seeds, seed potatoes and onion sets.

We are also Medina County's oldest water gardening headquarters! Water lilies (hardy & tropical), marginal plants, oxygenating and floating plants, fish food, water clarity treatments, fish (goldfish, koi, shubunkin), pumps and filter material.

Take a drive into the country to see everything we have to offer!



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